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From the Owner, Gary Pettis…

“Over the Past 16 years we have strived to build courses that everyone would have a great time playing. I feel we have been very successful at that. Many paintball players started out as customers and over those years have become our friends. Some of you, from as far away as Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and of course, Wisconsin. We have watched young boys and girls grow into men and women, and have children of your own.  It has been a great joy for us to be a part of that, so thank you.

With all that being said, I am super excited to announce we’ve have given our course a huge facelift. I believe I have built one of the greatest courses yet here at Hidden Valley Paintball. I have designed it after a very popular video game; you can now come play Nuke Town for real.  This course has been so much fun to build and I guarantee you will have a great time, as always.  If you liked us in the past you’re going to LOVE us now!”


Gary Pettis, Owner


Nuke Town

Designed after your favorite video game. Can you take over and defend your home?

Cavalry Forts

Fight through the open or take the woods. Ring your opponents bell first.

Hamburger Hill

Fight up the hill, find the bell and ring it loud and proud!

Pig in the Middle

You guessed it. Get the pig in the middle and bring Wilber home!


$45 Special Package (Best Value!)

Includes: goggles, gun, unlimited time (average 3-4 hours, but no limitation), 500 paintballs, twin pouch to carry extra paintballs, and unlimited co2 or air!

Equipment Rental

$12.50 – Includes: gun, mask and CO2 tank per person/per day!

Field Rental


Paint Pricing

100 paintballs $5.00

500 paintballs $23.00

1000 paintballs $44.00

2000 paintballs $83.00

Co2 Pricing

CO2 tank refill 9 oz $3.00

CO2 tank refill 12 oz $4.00

CO2 tank refill 16oz $5.00

CO2 tank refill 20 oz $6.00

Camouflage Rental

Tops $3.00, Twin Belt Pouch $2.00

Compressed Air Pricing

$1.00 per 1000 psi




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